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Los Angeles trusts Rug Ideas
How long has your rug been laying there? Collecting dust. Dirt. Allergens. Losing its color. Falling apart. 

Your home deserves better... doesn't it?
We're the #1 Most Reputable Full-Service Rug Company in Los Angeles!
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Rug Repair
  • ​Color Restoration
  • ​Animal Hide Cleaning & Restoration
  • ​Rug Appraisals
Protect your investment.
Your rug is more than a dusty old thing to walk on.
It is a story. It is art. It represents your home and the people who live in it.
Trust The Best.
Did you know you there are certified "Master Rug Cleaners"?
We are the first and only Certified Master Rug Cleaners in Los Angeles.
Fight Allergies.
As much as you love every little foot that comes through your home,
They carry dirt, grime and allergens in with every step
As pictured left to right,
Kash Sobhe, Certified Master Rug Cleaner
Dr. Kay, Certified Rug Specialist & Certified Rug Appraiser
Meet Your Rug Masters
As a 3 generation family business, Rug Ideas is filled with pride, the best education & the right resources to take care of you.

As the first and only Certified Master Rug Cleaner in the entire greater Los Angeles area, Kash is also a WoolSafe Certified Fiber Care Specialist and a Certified Color Restoration Specialist. He has grown up caring for rugs and will continue the family business. He graduated in Business Marketing from California State University Northridge.
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"This is more than just a job for our family. This is our life. This is our love. This is our passion. Every day I walk in the facility, I am filled with pride because I know, without a doubt, that we provide a service that you cannot find anywhere else- even if you tried.
No other place can you find such quality, such a unique atmosphere, with this level of equipment."
- Kash Sobhe, Certified Master Rug Cleaner
See Us In Action
Jordan K.
"This is by far the best rug cleaning/restoration operation in LA! Kash and his father Dr. Kay are world class people and true experts in the rug field. The attention to detail is unmatched! Pricing is very fair and the quality of the finished product is top notch! Quit looking around, call these guys today!"
Learn About Our Process
Rug Inspection
Every rug enters our facility and gets its own personal touch of love.

Our certified Master Rug Cleaners sit down and dedicate time to thoroughly inspect every single rug.

Every scratch. Every blemish. Every piece.

We finish this stage up by taking pictures of your rug. Certifying the inspection.
120 Step Hypoallergenic Dusting Cycle
Utilizing our brand new, state of the art dusting machine, we run your rug through the most in-depth dusting system on the West Coast.

This stage catches the deepest dust and grime from your rug.

Even the microscopic stuff. Dead stuff. Allergens. Pollens. Mold Spores.
10 Step Deep Wash
Do you scrub behind your ears?

Because we do. 

In this stage, your rug is placed through our in-depth 10 Step Deep Wash process.

This includes a front and back power cleanse utilizing environmentally safe shampoos and certified enzymes.

Dirt and grime doesn't stand a chance.
Extract Water
After an in-depth cleaning, it is important to extract all of the moisture from the rug to ensure a proper drying process.

This is what sets us apart from in-home cleaning services. 

Think about all the moisture, shampoo and dirt left behind in your home from traditional cleaners...

Our top priority is your health and satisfaction.
Dry Naturally
Ahhh. Looks like a job well done.

After extracting the bulk of the moisture from the cleansing process, your rug is placed onto our natural drying rack.

This allows your rug to breath and dry out to its' fullest extent.
And, Finally... Success.

Your rug has made it through the most in-depth cleaning process in
Los Angeles.

At this stage, your rug is given its final grooming and vacuuming along with one final inspection to ensure top quality. 

We will now cover your rug in protection and we eagerly await your arrival. (Or please enjoy one of our friendly drivers to deliver it back to your home)
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Make the decision to work with the best.
Treat your carpet to the most in-depth cleaning process in Los Angeles.
"If you use anybody else, you're making a mistake. I've had my rugs cleaned all over Los Angeles, and these guys are leagues above the rest. 

When I picked it up, I was blown away. They transformed a rug that I was ready to throw away into something that looked fresh off the rack. They promised the best, and somehow managed to overdeliver.

So thanks again guys for your outstanding work; and to those reading, if you dare clean your rug anywhere else in this town, you will regret it immensely. Rug Ideas is simply the best."
Michael K.
Los Angeles, CA
What are the people saying?
"I came and left 1 rug. I thought I had given up on it it was so deteriorated. When I came back, it was so brilliant. I'm here picking up another rug I dropped off and it is far more brilliant than I remember it. I plan on bringing another rug here and I look forward to a long lasting relationship with Dr. Kay and his team here"
Alisha L.
Los Angeles, CA
"I have had 3 different rugs cleaned by Dr. Kay and Kash and have been pleased every single time. 
Not only are they two of the nicest people, they are so knowledgable and passionate about their craft and service. I have always been pleased with the results. 
The last time it was my 3 month old custom living room rug that my dog had an accident on - and since they knew it was so new and could tell I was heartbroken over it, they picked up/delivered for a significantly reduced rate since it was too large for me to transport myself.
I never hesitate to recommend them to friends, and am SO happy they are closer to me now that they moved to the valley.
I have 3 rugs I am planning on bringing in to be treated with the stain resistant - just waiting for the third to be delivered so I can bring them all in at the same time. Keep it up guys! As someone who loves light-colored rugs with two dogs and a toddler, you have a customer for life ;)"
Who Doesn't Love A Before & After?
"So happy with the cleaning of 2 large rugs. We had one very light colored rug that became very dingy and it looks even better than when it was purchased. 
 Our other large rug was not cleaned properly by another company and rug ideas fixed it completely! It's so much softer and the color looks great!!!! 
Thank you so much for the professional service and care in taking our rugs in and out of our home! Your service and cleaning is far superior to other companies for sure!! 
Thank you"
Ashley L.
Los Angeles, CA
Hollywood Trusts Us
Meet some of our clients
Khloe Kardashian
Ellen Degeneres
Adam Sandler
Redondo Beach, CA
"I am a yard-saler with a Persian rug fetish, there, I've said it....

This amazing company has verified, cleaned, repaired, and appraised my finds. This group of smart, friendly professionals have turned my $200 purchases into beautifully cleaned and repaired works of art that are now appraised at $2000-4500.  

While there may be a sticker shock for first-time rug cleaners - if you visit the operation and then see the results, you'll be glad you decided to do the right thing and care for your investment properly.  

Thank you Kash, Dr. Kay, and Mark for encouraging my love of good and beautiful rugs. I'll be back."
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